September 1, 1998

Raosoft, Inc. releases Raosoft® SURVEYWin®, Version 4.0 for Windows, Win95, and NT for improved online data collection and much more statistical analysis. End users are able to design their own applications for data collection design, plus construct powerful reports using a new object-oriented selection method.

Shipping date: October 15, 1998 New Busine

Contact person to obtain an evaluation copy, or for questions:
Catherine McDole Rao, President Raosoft, Inc.

SEATTLE, Sept. 1, 1998—Raosoft® SURVEYWin®, Version 4.0 provides new capacities for end users as well as professionals to build on-line data collection and statistical analysis and report applications. Entry screens provide more validated entry. New object-oriented reports give more powerful statistical analysis. As is always true with SURVEYWin, development is completely free of database code. Designers are able to select sophisticated design options quickly from menus, both for form design and now also for complex reports.

In Version 4.0 more support is extended for electronic data gathering methods, with powerful new options for form design control. For example designers can now use logical if,then,else statements to make data collection faster and more accurate. Another example is that comment write-ins can be converted to a pocket notepad, so that comments made throughout the questionnaire can be aggregated into a common text field for analysis.

The new interface for the Analysis section is changed to a simpler menu structure, with many new options. Because the options are objects, end users can produce complex reports by point & click selection. So, for example, data can be `grouped' into different categories instantly to produce both tables and graphs with the newly aggregated data. The data formats can include table, bar and pie charts at the same time on a single page, and can be changed instantly.

Shipping for SURVEYWin, v. 4.0 begins October 15, 1998. The price remains $495 for Raosoft SURVEYWin v.4.0 and $595 for an unlimited send-out license of UFill, its runtime electronic data collector program module, and/or $399 for EZSurvey 98 for the Internet data gathering, so that a firm can gain electronic data gathering for under $1100. All programs are written in C++ and have no program limits to number of fieldnames or number of records.

SURVEYWin authors the form. Its runtime collection form program UFill v. 4.0 gathers the data electronically. UFill can be distributed across networks, on file servers or as an email attachment, or displayed on stand-alone computers. It will fit on a single floppy for disk send-out. For network broadcast the memory requirements are 1 MB drive space and 4 MB RAM. The new program EZSurvey 98 for the Internet, released in May, provides for internet, intranet and web site collection. SURVEYWin v. 4.0 forms are now transferable for use in EZSurvey web collection.

Additional major features of SURVEYWin are comment-type `write-in' text analysis options. Traditionally, text write-in has been hard to measure. Version 4.0 provides counts of words, groups of words and entire comments, sorted by frequency. The new option `Categorize Comments' lets you assign comments to specified categories, which will be analyzed as categorical variables. Another new data analysis option allows multiple queries at one time, and the queries can be imposed selectively on one or more of the charts displayed on a screen, for interactive analysis. An end user may now customize the report presentation with Raosoft Draw, which allows control over the screen elements, for polished reports. The reports may also be viewed and distributed with the new Raosoft UShow, included free.

To summarize, major new features include:

• If-then-else logical statements are designed easily from a new Raosoft point-&-click menu selection process, providing greater ease and accuracy for data collection.

• A unique new rank-order datatype with Raosoft RankChoiceTM Analysis is offered. Respondents are able to select a specified number of top choices from within a single question.

• Comment or `write-in text' analysis has many new options (see above description).

• The reporting interface is new. You may group different variables instantly. Results may be portrayed in many table and graph formats on the same page by selecting from object lists.

• You may run multiple queries at one time (see above description).

• The free Raosoft UShow viewer program lets you save results for display and distribution.

• An export option in Adobe Acrobat for graphics and analysis charts gives easy viewing.

Applications include training evaluations, employee reviews, customer satisfaction, assessments, inventories, Help Desks--for generic electronic data collection and and statistical analysis.

Beta user references for Raosoft SURVEYWin, Ver. 4.0, are: Capt. Scott Hopkins, AFCQMI, Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, telephone 210-652-2833, x3068.

Demo copies and screenshots are available to the press at