June 14, 2004

Raosoft, Inc. introduces Raosoft EZSurvey SMS, a new wireless enterprise application. EZSurvey SMS sends text messages to and collates multiple responses from mobile phones.

Starting date: July 12, 2004                                  New Enterprise Application!

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Dr. Shanti R. Rao, SMS Project Manager Raosoft, Inc.

SEATTLE, June 14, 2004—Raosoft EZSurvey SMS brings enterprise data collection to mobile phones, with an easy and sophisticated web control interface.

Raosoft, Inc. announces a partnership with Mobile Feedback, Ltd. to add text messaging (SMS - Short Message Service) to the powerful new EZSurvey 2004 version. Customers can now conduct interactive data gathering, feedback, and polling, with immediate reports of results. SMS is popular worldwide for instant messaging, and growing in acceptance in the United States. EZSurvey SMS broadcasts text messages and collates responses, combining the best characteristics of mobile phones and email.

The EZSurvey SMS application has comparative advantages over other SMS services in that: multiple messages can be collated into a single database for real-time reports; automatic responses to incoming messages are possible (e.g., to deliver “winner’s” confirmation messages); faster response exists due to load balancing and a scalable architecture safely supports high message volume; and cost is low through sharing a reliable SMS gateway among multiple end users.

EZSurvey SMS designs electronic forms to be broadcast as text messages, and assembles text message responses into a database. EZSurvey SMS is ideal for short messages that fit easily onto a cell phone screen. It can also conduct a conversation, in which multiple messages are sent back and forth between a central server and persons using mobile phones. Examples of expected usage include: real-time political polling (such as responses during and after a speech), monitoring ad campaigns, scheduling business services and modifying appointments, and efficient mass communication with off-site employees.

EZSurvey SMS is designed to solve problems where time delays are expensive. Many tasks and issues today require immediate responses, and the ability to communicate quickly with a few or many people greatly reduces the cost or severity of the situations.

Mobile Feedback, Ltd. is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and has pioneered networked SMS services. Using the Mobile Feedback technology, Raosoft, Inc. has guided the development of EZSurvey SMS. EZSurvey SMS is a hosted application. Technical requirements are just Internet Explorer and an internet connection. The end user will access the application at

The ship date estimated starting date is July 12. Pricing is to be determined, based on volume of usage (not by number of seats). Companies will be able to purchase accounts for departments or for entire work forces.

Catherine McDole Rao, CEO of Raosoft, Inc. says, "This is an emerging technology, and we expect rapid growth in the United States as advantages of SMS become evident. People in other countries use SMS constantly, and we are excited at being involved in the early growth of this industry in the United States. Our survey-type technology fits the infrastructure needs of SMS remarkably well."

Moshe Stolz, President of Mobile Feedback, Ltd. says, “The communication hardware that makes persons around the world available 24 hours a day is the Mobile phone. We leveraged this fact and developed a practical tool that can generate immediate response from many persons regardless of their location or activity. This real-time information is essential input to managers’ decision-making processes in today’s competitive world. “


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Mobile Feedback, Ltd.: Moshe (Mike) Stolz, +972-3-6958242,

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