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In EZSurvey 2002 for the Internet and EZSurvey 2002 Professional for the Internet, version, we have many powerful features. Look for:

  • Web based, Single user, and summary reporting
  • Online database query lookup with the list program.
  • Palm handheld forms, see Palm support
  • Automatic database management and updating
  • Database can be located off of the web server for convenience and security
  • Complete built-in email client
  • Save and read standard formats like HTML and PDF
  • Online help in HTML, with a searchable index
  • Easy-to-use form editor
  • Save "look and feel" templates - Web Formatting option
  • See changes and page breaks immediately in preview
  • Many question types, including order of importance ranking questions
  • Create dynamic response lists based on previous questions.
  • Add graphics to your form
  • Add links to outside documents from the web form
  • Simple data editing and sorting
  • Seamless integration with email and internet data sources
  • JavaScript enhanced web forms for data validation
  • Single-page web forms
  • Multi-page web forms
  • Save-and-resume web forms
  • Restricted access surveys
  • Open access surveys
  • Save data in XML format, on the server
  • Save data in ASCII format, on the server
  • Save data directly to a Windows ODBC database
  • Read cgi-to-email messages from a web server
  • Blind carbon-copy email send-out
  • Prevent users from "ballot-stuffing" the survey
  • Pre configured data analysis
  • Fast summary statistics
  • Word count analysis of write-in questions
  • Netscape plug-ins for viewing databases online
  • Eudora plug-in to save responses directly from your Eudora mailbox
  • Click here to see other features on templates

If you'd like to see a new feature in EZSurvey, please send us a note.

Features only in EZSurvey Pro:

  • ODBC database connectivity
  • Multiple projects open at one time for form design
  • Load responses dynamically with a server-side script (includes special capabilities on handling response lists)
    • Delete response lists
    • Import response lists from ASCII file.
  • Testing and scoring function help grade tests, quizzes, and exams


Note: EZSurvey is designed to cooperate with programs from many manufacturers. We endeavor to maintain and increase EZSurvey's interoperability, but we cannot guarantee proper operations with programs over which we have no control.

EZSurvey can use many email systems, including Internet mail (POP3/SMTP), Exchange, Outlook, GroupWise, cc:Mail 6+, Notes 4.6+, and Eudora. In order for EZSurvey to read your inbox, mail programs should be configured to store email messages on the server, rather than downloading them to your computer. You may want to create a new email account for use with EZSurvey.

EZSurvey has been tested with all the standard web servers including: Apache (Windows, UNIX, and Linux), CERN httpd, Lotus Domino (NT), Microsoft IIS (Windows), NCSA, Netscape (NT and UNIX). Source code for CGI scripts is included. The CGI scripts are designed to serve 10-100 simultaneous network connections, which can handle 50-5000 simultaneous users, depending on the web server and the survey. Higher volume versions are available upon request.

EZSurvey uses the following file formats: DBF (xBase), HTML, PDF, XML. EZSurvey is written in C++. EZSurvey's forms have always been stored in XML format as an extension of the Electronic Form System.


The server requirements for running EZSurvey 2002 using Microsoft's Windows 2000 and IIS 5.0 are as follows: Note: We strongly recommend installing the most current service pack for your operating system and web server.

The system requirements depend on how you are planning to use the program, and on the other loads placed on the server, since few organizations have a server dedicated only to EZSurvey.

Minimal requirements for short surveys with a low number of simultaneous hits can get by using a 500Mhz server with 128MB ram. The survey itself only requires about 2MB of hard disk space. More space may be required to hold the server data file, depending on how much data you collect.

Recommended level would be 800MHZ or higher, with 256+MB ram. This will handle most surveys that can be built using EZSurvey.

Multi-page (50+) surveys distributed to a wide audience(1000+), and those that contain ample opportunities for write in text data place the greatest load on the server.

Higher server load will reduce the speed at which survey forms load into the web browser.