EZSurvey for Palm OS Handhelds: A module of the EZSurvey survey software system

Arrived: Raosoft EZSurvey® for the Palm is an add-on to create surveys and forms for PalmOS devices. The add-on works with EZSurvey Pro and EZSurvey Standard. Below are some screen shots showing the appearance of the Palm forms and the options that are available in EZSurvey for the Palm.

The demo download package includes the ability to prevew EZSurvey Palm forms and a Palm program to display forms on handhelds!

EZSurvey for the Palm (EZSurvey Standard, Pro, and the demo) gives you the ability to preview Palm forms as you edit them, without the need to download to a Palm to see changes.

EZSurvey for the Palm will generate forms compatible with any handheld device running the PalmOS. The data collected on the handheld can be appended to the main EZSurvey database, or exported to another location after collection. The HotSync conduit for retrieving data from handhelds is sold separately.

  • The Palm is supported for OS 3.5 forward to 5.0.
  • Authoring of the instrument is on a PC, and EZSurvey lets the designer preview the Palm display without requiring the form to be downloaded to the Palm first.
  • After data is collected on the Palm, the Palm HotSyncs with a PC to send the data to the EZSurvey database file.
  • Data can be collected from multiple handhelds and EZSurvey identifies the handheld from which each data record is derived.
  • Meta information, like date and time of entry, are retained.
  • EZSurvey integrates with EZReport to produce advanced analysis reports.
  • With EZSurvey the end user can manipulate and manage the data files as needed.

EZSurvey for the Palm includes new features for designing Palm forms. The question options screen has a new look to facilitate publishing a form on multiple platforms:

EZSurvey for Palm OS is a small (about 6KB), highly optimized program for entering data. You design your forms in EZSurvey, using the EZSurvey's Palm previewer. Then, EZSurvey creates program (.prc), data (.pdb), and HotSync information (.xml) files. To enter data on the Palm, tap on the EZSurvey icon. Data are saved incrementally on each page, and a new record is started every time. Therefore, it's best to use the Palm for short forms, or on dedicated devices not likely to be interrupted by alarms. A custom HotSync conduit synchronizes Palm data with an ascii file, and can transmit completed records by email.

If you would like to use form development using EZSurvey for the Palm, please call us at 206-525-4025 or email us.

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