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EZSurvey 2005 Long Tour

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Project setup
  Start a new project
  New project wizard
  Web site configuration
  New site setup
  Email setup
  Email configuration

Form design
  Default form editor
  Add a question
  Add a single choice question
  Add a response
  Advanced options
  Advanced options box

  Create an Email form
  Send an Email form
  Create web form
  Web site selection
  Web form setup
  Web page appearance
  Web instructions
  The generated HTML page

Entering data
  Add data record
  Add data record box

Retrieving data
  Import web data
  Importing your web file
  Download Email data

Database handling
  Edit database
  Right click editing
  Double left click editing
  Undo button

Analysis and Reports
  Summary options
  Summary colors
  Pie graph summary
  Horizontal bar graph summary

Advanced Form Design
  Import questions
  Add a hidden question
  Display a Follow-up question
  Instant Poll
  Generic login
  Publish to Pocket PC
  Publish to Portable PC
  Add HTML tags
  Finished product

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