How to convert a project made in SURVEY for DOS to SURVEYWin

  1. Open SURVEYWin.
  2. In SURVEYWin, select SUR to FRM from the Translate menu.
  3. Click on the Browse icon next to "Source .SUR file name" to select the .SUR file you would like to convert to a .FRM file. Then click OK.
  4. Then click on the Browse icon next to "Destination .FRM file name" to select a file name. You may give it the same name as the file in SURVEY. Click OK.
  5. Select Yes when asked to save to file.
  6. Use Project | Open to make sure SURVEYWin is pointed to the folder that now holds your new project. From the Project name pulldown menu, select the file you have just converted. Then choose Form design from the window, then Electronic form. To view your questions, click on the icon with a green question mark on the left toolbar. Select the desired questions one by one and Apply them to your page. You many rearrange and resize the questions as you like.
  7. To import additional text or correct questions which were not fully converted from the .SUR file, you must first make sure to have the correct MS-DOS property settings for SURVEY for DOS. Find the SURVEY for DOS minimized icon and right-click on Properties. Go to the Screen tab and under the Usage category, check the Window option. This resizes the MS-DOS Window so that it does not display on a full screen. Go to the Misc. tab. Under the Mouse category, check the Quick Edit option. This option will allow you to make edits and highlight text on a MS-DOS screen. Click OK.
  8. Open SURVEY for DOS.
  9. Now open your .SUR file in SURVEY by selecting BROWSE SURVEY FORM from the SURVEY menu. In the MS-DOS SURVEY Window, highlight the desired text by dragging your cursor over the text. Then click on the Copy button on the top toolbar.
  10. In your SURVEYWin document, to import text, go to Question | Create new question and select Edit | Paste. (To edit an existing question, double click on the question and type or paste in the desired text in the Compose Question window.)
  11. Select the type of the question from the Question type window and press OK.
  12. Resize and arrange the questions as you like.

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