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  • World-wide Air Force Climate Survey finished! Federal Computer Week, January 5, 2006 "Air Force studies workforce survey" The Air Force is analyzing 306,000 responses to the most comprehensive online survey about workforce concerns that it has ever conducted. Officials expect to complete the analysis in February and make the survey results available to all Air Force leaders to improve their units’ morale and operational efficiency. Air Force employees, supervisors, managers, executives and commanders voluntarily answered the worldwide survey, which the Air Force conducted online between Oct. 1 and Nov. 23, 2005, using Raosoft’s Web-based InterForm survey software.
  • Launched on Time! The world-wide Air Force Climate Survey launched Oct. 1, 2003 successfully across the world, to the Air Force, Air Force National Guard and Air Force Reserves. This will be an extremely large survey, with a population of approximately 750,000. As always, it features a sophisticated administration module so that participants are easily provided for, and so that local reports are easily obtained. Server support technology is new and special software helps to automate file movement. The survey form itself is even easier to use and move through, to save participants time.
  • The 2004 OPM Human Capital Survey described in Federal Computer Week shows that federal employees are happy overall with their workplaces. Over 150,000 federal employees were surveyed using Raosoft InterForm software. The results indicated that the government needs to tie employees' pay to their performance better, and to deal more effectively with low performing workers and to reward high performing workers more meaningfully. OPM was able to carry out the demanding government-wide survey process on their own because of the thorough support that the Raosoft InterForm software products provided the entire process. OPM administrators were able to monitor provisional results both at the Headquarter and agency regional level. Both question results and number of answering respondents were available to them. The 2004 Human Capital Survey is the second version of the survey, the first being in 2002, so comparative data is becoming available.
  • The Army schools automate surveys. The U. S. Army gets unified assessment for its 29 TRADOC schools. Raosoft, Inc. has developed the AUTOGEN software for the Army Reseach Institute, which provides it to the Army training schools. The schools are able to carry out their own Job Analysis surveys and Training Evaluation surveys now. They use built-in standard questions and responses and are also able to create their own questions through a sophisticated wizard. AUTOGEN guides the data collection by multiple methods: web, LAN, or diskette. Default reports that allow multiple queries and options give the results to the schools in clear format. AUTOGEN has become mandatory in the schools because of its remarkable productivity.
  • Each U.S Army Training and Doctrine Command Schools (TRADOC) will be provided with Raosoft EZReport software programs, funded by Headquarters. The personnel of the training schools will be able now to analyze and interpret data on their own, and present reports in polished presentation-quality reports. Personnel will employ EZReport’s quick queries, sorts, and statistical analysis to examine data gathered. They will be able to build customized reports that they can use repeatedly, as well as select from default reports in EZReport. The program RapidReport will be used to produce instant display of the results in polished reports for upper management or for themselves.
  • The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) completed their long planned corporate site purchase for Raosoft software in June and July. They have used our Raosoft software for automated training evaluations for several years, and now have expanded to a full site license for the general Navy, because of their satisfaction with our robust software and the productivity it has brought them. They will be using a combination of our EZSurvey for the Internet survey software for web-based data collection with our SurveyWin (diskette, notebook, LAN and paper) distribution software, for many different types of applications. The Training command conducts training evaluations for both land classes and ships. Land classes use electronic and paper entry, while on the ships, laptop computers are used for data entry by respondents and then the data is appended for larger scale reporting.
  • The Army Testing and Evaluation Command (ATEC) Headquarters of Virginia has purchased the EZSurvey survey software tools family to replace their paper process with EZSurvey's web survey and email survey functionality. Raosoft provided training at their site in the Washington, D.C. area to teach new users both the beginning and advanced options of EZSurvey for the Internet. ATEC has many applications now on paper that can be productively addressed with web survey data gathering.
  • The U.S. Office of Government Ethics Agency, a long-term owner of Raosoft SurveyWin survey software, has decided to replace paper survey processes with web surveys. They will be using Raosoft EZSurvey for the Internet. OGE has purchased the EZSurvey survey software tool set for users throughout the agency. The first web survey application will be for a survey that will cover the Executive Branch. Previously the survey has been outsourced, so EZSurvey represents a large cost saving, plus provides them with greater design control of both survey form and reporting. Raosoft went to Washington DC to provide an on-site training course for the agency.

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