------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is a HOWTO on how to import ascii databases into EZS and from there into SW or bypass EZS and go straight into SW. Written by Roger Rainey, parts by Aaron Jacobs, Oct 11, 1999 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Integrating EZSurvey® for the Internet and SurveyWin®4.0

The setup for using both SurveyWin and EZSurvey is simple to do!

This HOWTO is not a replacement for reading the supplied documents, rather it is a supplement to them. Please refer to the manuals for further details.

  1. First create the SurveyWin form using the form builder.
  2. From the SurveyWin Form, you can translate it to an EZSurvey form using the Utilities|.FRM to .EZF Conversion tool. The conversions will work best if you do not rename questions or change the ordering of questions.
  3. Using EZSurvey, open the .EZF that was created and make adjustments to the database options, such as location and the name of the database. You may also want to change the appearance of the form using the form builder.
  4. Publish the web form and have the respondents take the survey.
  5. When you wish to look at the data, you have two options on how to receive the data.
    1. Use the Administer Website command which is contained under the Utilities|Administer Web Site menu follow the directions on the webpage that it will take you to and save the .IFM file. The .IFM file will work exactly like the .ASC files.
    2. FTP the .ASC file from the website to your local hard drive. Replace the .ASC file on the webserver with a blank one which you can create from the Utilities|Create blank ASCII file menu.
  6. From here you have two options:
    1. Now that you have the data on your hard drive, use the EZSurvey Import Web Data command located under the Utilities menu. Export the database as an ASCII file. You might want to do this if you have been collecting data into the .DBF and replacing the .ASC on the server over time. Follow the next step below to import it into SurveyWin.
    2. If you translated the .FRM into .EZF then you can import the .ASC that you downloaded from the web server directly into your SurveyWin project using the Import ASCII database option in SurveyWin. This is under the Utilities menu.
  7. From here you can use the powerful reporting tools in EZReport® or the included reporting tools in SurveyWin.

If you created the .EZF form first, use the Translate|.EZF to .FRM command to create a SurveyWin form.