Creating and using Help files for buttons and responses

Help files are small popup windows that display explanations or other text that is helpful to respondents. The Help files are created first and then they can be attached either to a Help ToolFrame button or to individual responses of a multiple-choice question.

Attaching help to a ToolFrame button.

  1. Open a new page and create the following multiple choice question:
  2. What is your favorite kind of coke?

    Classic Coke

    Regular Coke

    Diet Coke

    Diet-Free Coke

    Zeus Juice

  3. Select Objects | Data entry help and a window titled Help text will display.
  4. Select File | New and a window titled Compose Help will display. In that window type, "Diet-Free Coke contains no calories and no caffeine." and select File | Save. You will be asked to name the item; name it diet cok e.
  5. Similarly create a help file that says, "Zeus Juice is a mixture of Classic Coke and lemon juice." and save it as Zeus Juice.
  6. The Compose Help window should now have a list containing diet coke and Zeus juice. Close the Compose Help window with File | Close.
  7. Select Objects | Tool Frame buttons and select Help from the list and the Help button window will display. In the button label space type in, "What is Diet-Free Coke? and select diet coke from the Help to dis play list. Select OK and place the button near the question. Similarly create a Help button with the label, ‘What is Zeus juice?" that will display the Zeus juice help file and place it near the question.
  8. Preview the form and note that when you press the button, a popup window displays the explanation you typed in the Help file.


Attaching help to a response.

  1. On a new page create the following multiple choice question:
  2. What is the capital city of the state of Illinois?




    Calumet City

  3. Create four more Help files with the text
  4. "Chicago is the largest city, but not the capital." Name it Chicago.

    "Correct! Springfield IS the capital of Illinois." Name it Springfield.

    "Urbana is the location of the University of Illinois but is not the capital." Name it Urbana.

    "Calumet City is the location of many bars but is not the capital." Name it Calumet City

  5. Back on the page, select Question | Right answer/Response help and the Select right answer window will display. Select the response Chicago in the Response ListBox. Click on the down arrow of the Select item to associate window to open the list of help items and select Chicago. Similarly associate each of the responses with their corresponding Help files.
  6. In order to keep the cursor from jumping to a new page when the respondent selects a response, you must change the default. Select File | Global settings | Cursor control and check the item Wait for NEXT on single question pages.
  7. Preview the form and select various responses to see how the Help file displays.