Quick Info

Welcome to Raosoft SURVEYWin! This is an extremely powerful program yet very simple for anyone to use. We believe in giving power to the developer, and because of that, it may take a little time to get used to the concepts of the program. Once you have gotten the hang of Raosoft SURVEYWin, however, you can quickly and efficiently develop a Windows application.

This is not just a survey tool. You can develop any kind of application with this product...limited only to your imagination. For example, you may create Windows applications for testing and evaluations, self assessment and Baldrige surveys, data collection, training and human resource evaluations , statistical analysis, compliance checking, help desks, HTML forms generating; the list is truly endless.

Raosoft also realizes the power of flexibility and versatility. Our wide selection of colors, fonts, and bitmaps allow you to personalize your forms to fit your various needs.