What is an object?

Raosoft SurveyWin uses an object oriented approach to make your life easy.

SurveyWin saves form items as ‘objects’. You will soon discover many advantages of this program architecture. Questions, pages, bitmaps, and response sets are stored as objects in libraries after creation so that you can reuse them at any time during the form’s design. This means that you can use the same response set, say, a weighted scale of 1-5, over and over again instead of creating a new response set for each question. If you want a customized response set, you may Create or Edit an existing one and it will be saved as an object that you can now recall from its response library to reuse.

You will find that objects give you great flexibility in designing your screens. You may place your text, responses and tool buttons anywhere on the screen that you want, and each screen can be customized. You can edit instantly, effect global changes, and change and modify the screen appearances literally on the fly.