The Tutorial Project

There are several sample projects that we have created for you. We will start with the project called Demoform.prj. You may create your own new project, but we will cover that later.

Getting Started with the Tutorial:

When you open SurveyWin, you will see a box entitled Project. In the box labelled Project name, click on the arrow and scroll down until you see DEMOFORM. Select this one to start you off.

  1. Select Form Design. A submenu will pop up, with four choices. From these, select Electronic Form.
  2. A typical page pops up, with 4 questions, and a Save button. Click on the Save button. You will see black squares (we call these handles) appear around it. Now all of the commands and instructions you supply apply on this item. It is the focus of your work.
  3. Put the mouse pointer on one of the corner black squares around the Save button, hold down the left mouse button and move the pointer to the right, left, up, or down and release the left button. The size of the button will change. Do it again, and you will notice you can make the button any size you want.
  4. Next, put the mouse button inside the box outlined by the 'handles' around the Save button and press and hold the left mouse button. Now, you can move the entire button to another place on the page. Try moving it to the upper right corner of the screen. This process is call Drag and Drop, which is the term used when referring to any type of movement of objects.
  5. Now, click on one of the questions: for instance, "I need to use SurveyWin for the following applications". Notice what happens when you move the question to another place in the screen: the response set moves with it.
  6. Now, click on the response set corresponding to the question, (i.e. Very important, Important, Not very important) by clicking on the Very Important button. As usual, the handles appear. Try moving it to another part of the page. Note that the question text does NOT move with it.

Note: The square outlining a response set is not resizable. Only question text and control buttons (like Save, Next, Previous, and Skips) have resizable handles. Also note that the 'size' of a response set is just the size of its first button.