Form Design Tutorial

You may want to look at an existing form first. Click on the down arrow by the Project name drop down box to display a list of your projects. Select Demoform and then click on Preview (under Menu). As you scroll through the pages, notice the different page design options. Finish the form or close the file when you are ready to write your own form.

Note: If no projects appear in the Project name drop down box SurveyWin may be accessing the wrong directory. To change the directory that SurveyWin is accessing select Project | Open and select the directory that you want to use.

  1. Create a new project by selecting Project | New from the menu, and type in a new name, MYFORM. Click on OK.
  2. Select the defaults in the project setup window by clicking on OK again.
  3. The new project is now active in SURVEYWin. To work on this form, select Form Design from the project window. Choose Electronic or Paper.
  4. You will see a blank window with a white background representing the page. The Compose Question window floats on it. When you start, it will have the words “Type here” in it.
  5. Click in the window and type “What is your favorite color?” to create a new question.
  6. Select Question Type from the menu, then select the Multiple choice question type. From the list on the right, select Colors, one of the default question types available in each form. Click on the OK button, then select Apply from the menu. When the crosshair (+) appears, position it to where you want the question to appear and click OK.
  7. You will see handles surrounding the question. To reposition the question click the mouse in the middle of the area bordered by the handles, and drag the question to the desired spot. The handles will enclose a larger area than the text. To resize the question, click and drag any of the black squares that make up the handles. For responses, click and reposition them in the same way. (Responses are resized with Response | Modify response from the menu; try this later.)
  8. If you want to change the font color for this question, click on the question to choose it and the handles will appear. Then choose Font from the menu to customize the appearance of this question. Make whatever changes you wish, then click on OK to accept the font.
  9. Next, you can create a new write-in question. Select Question | Create new question on the menu and the Edit Question window will appear. Type in a new question, “What is your name?” In this type of question you want people to type in their answers.
  10. Select Question Type from the menu and click on Write-in text. A dialog box will pop up to let you customize the question. Set the maximum length to 30, and select Text single line. Click on OK in both dialog boxes. In beginner mode, a fieldname will be created automatically. If a Question Properties dialog box pops up and asks you for a fieldname, accept the default by clicking on OK.
  11. The question is now in the Compose Question window, which is a working edit box. One way to resize the question is by clicking and dragging on the edges of the window. The preferred way to resize the text is on the page itself. To place this question on the page, select Apply from the Compose Question window. You will want to position the question where you want it by clicking within the handles that appeared and dragging the question. You may then resize by adjusting the handles, clicking and dragging on any of the black squares.
  12. Next, put a ToolFrame button on your page for data entry guidance. (ToolFrame buttons are only available on electronic forms). Select Page | ToolFrame buttons and choose Next from the list. Drag the new Next button to where you want. (Always add a Save button to the last page of your form.)
  13. You now have a working page with two questions on it. Save the page by selecting Page | Save page on the menu. A dialog box will pop up, letting you name your page. You may use up to 40 characters for the name, including spaces. Click on OK or press ENTER to accept the default name.
  14. Select File | Save to save your changes. There are several ways to preview your page:
  1. Go back to form design and play around with creating questions. Try all the buttons on the toolbar to see what they do, and select Help from the menu for more detailed descriptions. There are several ways to design forms between the Compose question window, the page menu, and the object lists (from the toolbar icons on the side). Whenever you want to save your changes, select File | Save in the form design window. If you want to abandon your changes, close the form designer (select File | Close from the menu and request that your changes not be saved.
  2. A database will automatically be created to match your form whenever you add or change questions.