E-Mail - Text/HTML Email Survey

Before you can send an HTML survey out via email, there are several settings that need to be specified.

Select your email system:

Please see Select your email system for more information on setting up your email system.

Create an text/HTML form:

When you publish a text/HTML email survey, EZSurvey will create a text survey and an HTML mail survey. The HTML mail survey will submit the data to a mail CGI script on the Raosoft.com web server and forward the survey data to your email account.
  1. Go to Publish Create text/HTML email form. The Email form options window will open.

  2. On the Email form options window enter the email address to receive the survey responses. Enter a web site URL to redirect the user to or a thank-you message. You will also be asked if you want to start a bulk mail-out. Press Save

  3. Next you will see the Mail message window. You can click the HTML option to view the HTML and text versions of the survey.

    Note:Single-page and Multi-page surveys will be shown as single-page HTML forms when sending as text/HTML.

  4. If you have not selected a bulk mail out, you must enter the email address of the person to send the email to then press Send.

  5. If you have selected to do a bulk mail out, press Send and you will be taken to the Bulk Email Options window. These options are similar to the options on the Bulk email wizard. See Bulk Email for more info.

Note: An alternative to sending mail through the Raosoft.com server is to setup the mail.cgi script on one of your own web servers. The mail.cgi script can be found in the EZSurvey/rsrc directory under the name MAIL.PL

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