Email Menu - Select Your Email System

This function allows you to select an email system to use with EZSurvey. For detailed instructions for your particular system, follow the link below titled Email Setup.

Before you set up your email system, you may need additional information from your system administrator. Specifically:


  1. On the main window, click on Email Select your email system. The Email setup window opens.

  2. Select the email system you are using.

  3. Enter the user name, password and outgoing mail server used for that email system (some systems do not need all boxes filled).

  4. Select the OK button when you are done.

Mail System:

This is the email system that you will use to send out survey invitations, text files and collect incoming data. This must be set to the name of your local email system, not the email system of your respondents. The choices are:

Internet Mail, POP3, SMTP

Use this for Domino or POP3/SMTP mail servers. Contact your system administrator to get your SMTP server name, POP3 server name, and POP3 account name. If you use a non-standard port number, you may enter an address of the form

Outlook, Exchange, MS Mail:

Select this option if you are using a Microsoft mail client like Office Outlook, MS Mail, or Exchange. Outlook Express does not support 3rd party software connections.

In EZSurvey, select Email Select email system. On the Email setup window select the option Outlook or Exchange. By default EZSurvey will use your default Outlook profile. You not need to enter your Login, Password, or Windows profile.

If you are on an Exchange server, you may enter the Windows profile, Login, and Password fields.

Note: For Outlook 2000 to be seen properly by EZSurvey, it needs to have the E-mail Service option set to Corporate or Workgroup. Follow these instructions:

  1. Open Outlook. Select Tools, then Options.
  2. Select the "Mail Delivery" tab.
  3. Select the "Reconfigure Mail Support". The "E-mail Service Options" window will open.
  4. Select the "Corporate or Workgroup" option, then click "Next"
  5. It will prompt you for your "Office disk"

Lotus Notes:

Select this option if you use Notes 4.6+. You may type in the name for a specific mailbox, or leave that field blank to use your personal mailbox. In order to send mail using Lotus Notes, EZSurvey must connect to the server using SMTP. You must enter the internet address for your Notes server.


Select this option if you use cc:Mail 8+. This requires a 32-bit email client! Older cc:Mail clients will not work with EZSurvey. EZSurvey uses the Windows Messaging system (or LotusMail 4.5+) to connect with your cc:Mail or NotesMail Inbox.


Select this option if you are using GroupWise 5+.

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