Publish - Web Form Setup

This article details the different options available on the three windows that make up the Web form setup wizard, the Web Form Setup window, the Web site configuration window, and the New site setup window For step by step directions on setting up your survey on your web server, refer to the two articles linked at the bottom of the page, titled UNIX web servers and NT/2000 web servers. Before attempting to set up your web survey, read the article titled Before publishing and make sure you have the required information for completing the web site setup.

When you select the Publish Create a web form command from the Edit form menu, you will be led through three steps. In the first step you give EZSurvey information about your web site. In the second step, you choose the server scripts for the site. In the third step you will select the optional features for your web survey.

The Web form setup window allows you to set data collection options along with selecting other optional features for your web form.


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