Publish - Publish to Windows

This is a step-by-step guide to installing EZSurvey web forms on a Windows IIS web server. Before publishing a survey to the web server, you must have a completed survey form (.EZF). For demonstration purposes, you can use one of the demo forms included with EZSurvey.


  1. Open your form. On the Edit form window, select Publish Create a web form. The Web site configuration window will appear. If no web sites have been set up, you will first see the New site setup window, as described in the second step below.

  2. From the Web site configuration window, select the Add button to add a new Site profile or Edit to modify an existing Site profile. The New site setup window will open. The iNew site setup provides EZSurvey with specifications for web servers. You can have multiple web server profiles. Each server profiles should have its own entry in the Site profile list. (Most EZSurvey users will have only one web Site profile to use).

  3. Within the New site setup window, you can either select "Microsoft Internet Information Server" from the Quick Setup list or manually enter your settings. Enter the appropriate web Server address. You can enter it as an IP address, like or you can enter the domain name, like The address is a local address can only be used for testing on your machine. In the Script directory text box enter the scripts directory for your web server, if it is different from the default provided.

    The Server address and Scripts directory text boxes are combined to make the fully qualified web address. For example:
    Server address :
    Scripts directory : scripts/
    The fully qualified web address would be

  4. The Directory in which to place uploads is location where EZSurvey puts all of the publishing files. For IIS the scripts directory is C:\Inetpub\Scripts.

    When the web server is on the local network (or your computer), the Directory in which to place uploads should be the full path to the Scripts directory, starting with the appropriate network drive letter.

    When the web server is on the internet (or not directly accessible on the network) the Directory in which to place uploads can be set to anything. After the publishing files are created, they will need to be transferred via FTP to the web server.

  5. Enter a meaningful name in the Site name box. This is your profile name for this web server configuration.

  6. Select the OK button. You will be returned to the Web site configuration window. The name of your new web site will appear in the Site profile text box.

  7. Select the radio button for the appropriate type of web server. In this case, Windows servers using CGI is used for IIS web servers.

  8. If you want to turn on logging for the CGI, select the logging level: Standard, Add data, All server parameters.

  9. Select the Close button to move to the Web form setup window.

    See Web Site Configuration for detailed information on the Web site configuration window.

    Select your publishing options from the Web form setup window to finish publishing your form. See Web Form Setup for detailed information on the Web Form Setup window.

  10. Select the Publish button to create the files needed for the web server. A document which contains specific instructions for setting up your survey, and provides a link for accessing the survey will open.

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