E-Mail - Text Email Survey


EZSurvey can distribute text email surveys. Follow these steps:

Before sending email, make sure it is set up correctly. See Email Menu - Select Your Email System

  1. Open a project and select Publish Create a text email form
  2. .
  3. You will see a Mail message window that contains the email message in the body. Modify the Subject and To fields.
  4. Select Send.
  5. After survey takers have responded to your survey, you can import the email message files into EZSurvey.

Technical Details:

Respondent tracking is not presently implemented in email surveys. When email surveys are imported into EZSurvey, the email address of the respondent gets put into the HOST field in the database. If you have 'Encrypt email addresses and IP numbers for anonymity' selected, the email addresses will be encrypted so that duplicates can be avoided while not identifying anyone.

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