Data Entry Windows

A data entry window uses a form to add a record to a database. When a form has several pages, the pages will be shown in succession in the data entry window. You can use the Next and Previous buttons to go back and forth through the pages of questions. The data entry screen uses the standard Windows interface to answer questions.

Be sure to pilot your form during the design process so you know what ToolFrame navigation buttons to include on the electronic pages and where to smooth the entry process.

When you or staff are entering data from paper forms you can select either Data Entry or Fast Entry, both on the opening menu. Data Entry gives you the full replica of the form on which to enter the data. Fast Entry pops up screens with just one question a screen. The following functionality is true for both:

Of course, you may have designed the screens so that Previous is also available. The entry person can move backward as well as forward. Or, you may have either optional or automatic skips and branches built in. This is your choice as designer. You may change and edit the navigation buttons at any time to help speed the entry process.

At the end of the form, after clicking on SAVE (which you will have designed in for the last page), you will be asked by a dialog box if you want to Add another record. Select Yes to continue, No to end.

Fast Entry:

Fast Entry allows you to quickly and efficiently enter data from paper forms into your electronic database. Only one of your questions appears per page in Fast Entry mode. This allows for faster data entry because users only have to focus on one question at a time. Fast Entry mode also helps to eliminate errors in entering data gathered from paper forms. With only one question appearing on a page, there is less chance of users being confused about matching up questions from their paper forms to the questions appearing on the screen.

Fast Entry Options: