Creating a Project

There is no reason you should have to remember filenames. Instead, SurveyWin uses a project to keep track of related documents. When SurveyWin starts up, all the current projects are open on the screen. The last-project you used is shown active. All projects are stored in the SurveyWin directory. Each project contains the names of form and database files. The project, form, and database are independent files. It is not possible to erase files with SurveyWin, so you may experiment with the program without worry. If you no longer wish to use a project, rename and close it. If you want to delete files, you can use Windows Explorer.

To activate a project:

In the Project window, click on the down arrow next to the Project name box to see a list of your current projects. Scroll down the list and select the project that you want to open.

Project menu commands:

Menu Box commands:

To create your own project:

  1. From the main SURVEYWin menu, select Project | New.
  2. When the Project window appears, type the name of your project and select OK.
  3. Select Form design | Electronic form.
  4. When the Form design window appears, click inside the Compose question window (floating on top of the Form Design window). Highlight and delete the text that says Type here and type in your own question text.
  5. When you have finished entering your question, select the Question type option from the Compose Question menu.
  6. In the Question type window, select your desired question type and choose one of the pre-made response sets (you can create your own response sets, but you can learn how to do that in a later tutorial). Click on Ok when you have finished making your selections.
  7. You should now see your question and its corresponding response set in the Compose question window. Select Apply/OK to place it on your page. If the Question properties Dialog box appears, click OK. You will now notice that your mouse pointer has turned into a set of crosshairs. Place the crosshairs where you want your question to appear on the page and click the left mouse button.
  8. You can now move the question around on the page any way that you desire. Repeat this process and place more questions on your page.

    Note: Do not use the scroll bars to place questions off of the main form design screen. There are no scroll bars in the Data Entry area, so your users will not be able to answer any questions that you place off of the main screen.

  9. If you run out of room on your page, create a new page by selecting new in the List of pages window. Before you move on to the next page, make sure that you save your current work!

If you want to work through a more in depth tutorial, refer to your users manual.