Importing Objects

Q: Can I borrow objects between forms?

Yes! Using SURVEYWin’s borrow function, response sets, questions, pages, and bitmaps may be borrowed between forms. For example, if you have created a response set in one form that you really like, you may use it in any of your future forms without taking the time and effort to recreate it!

Q: How can I import text created in other programs into my .frm file?

If you want to import text from a .txt file, you may open the file using Windows Notepad or the Notepad feature included in SURVEYWin (this feature is located in the Compose Question window). Next, highlight the text that you want to import into SURVEYWin, and select Copy (if using Windows Notepad, select Edit | Copy). Next, click Paste in the Compose question window and your imported text will appear there. The text may now be applied to your page just as if you had created it using SURVEYWin.

If you are not importing text from a .txt file, open the application in which you created the text and highlight the text that you want to import. There should be an option in this program (typically under the Edit menu) called Copy. Select this option (or its equivalent). Next go to the Compose question window in SURVEYWin and click Paste. You text will now appear in the Compose question window.

Q: How do I create a duplicate of my current project and frm?

Use Project | Copy to create a duplicate .prj and .frm file of a current project with a new name.

Q: I have a paper survey in Word for Windows and would now like to use Raosoft SURVEYWin. How do I bring it over?

First select Electronic form and Cut and Paste from Word for Windows to SURVEYWin. This will now create an electronic form for data entry, email sendout, and disk sendout. If you need a paper survey, you can use your current survey or use the paper form in Form design. After creating the electronic form, you are now able to create and Apply an existing question to a paper form.