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Q: Can I design my form on a high resolution monitor?

Yes, but if you will be distributing an electronic form that will be displayed on monitors with low resolution and you are designing on a high resolution screen, be sure to test your first screen on the low resolution monitors so you can adjust the spacing and font size of your screen elements correctly. Otherwise, your form may not look the way you intended when your survey is taken on low resolution monitors. The Zoom screen menu option lets you test during form design. Test with both the Tiny and Normal settings, then try on your own equipment.

Those entering the form also will be able to adjust their screens with the Zoom screen command. You may want to provide a sentence on the first screen guiding the users to this command on the top menu if you think they may need it. This command is available in View data and Edit data as well for your own convenience.

Q: Why does my electronic form not fit in my monitor area?

You need to design in the lowest resolution and largest font that you are sending out to to insure that the form properly fits in the monitor area. Select Zoom screen to adapt to your own screen.