Frequently Ask Questions

Q: If I have the same response set throughout my whole form, do I need to recreate it for each question in my form?

A: No, when you create a response set in SurveyWin it is turned into a reusable object. Therefore, if you have a response set that is associated with many questions in your form, you need only create this response set once. After you have created (and Saved) the response set, it is stored in its response library where it may be called upon for future use.

Q: How do I handle questions with similar text? Do I need to rewrite the question each time?

A: No, use File | clone in the Compose question window and be sure to change the wording. While response sets are reusable, a question plus associated response set is unique. The exception is if you want the same question collecting the same data to appear several times in a form, for example, such as a request for a name to be filled out which you are offering in several locations.

When writing questions with similar text, be sure to differentiate them in some easy way so you can tell them apart in Analysis. For example, use Q1 and Q2 at the beginning of the first two questions, or 1a and 1b, etc.

Q: When I am designing an electronic form, can I use the scroll bars to place questions off the main screen?

A: No, the scroll bars should not be used to place questions off the main screen in electronic form design. Your users are not equipped with scroll bars when they are entering data. Therefore, any questions that you place of the main screen while designing the form will be inaccessible to your users. Instead of placing questions off of the main screen, create multiple pages and only place a few questions on each page.

Q: When I am entering data into my form, I notice that one (or many) of my questions is ‘pre-filled’ with my response to a previous question.

A: If the response from one of your previous questions has ‘pre-filled’ a later question, both of the questions share the same fieldname. Each question in your form must have a unique fieldname so that the program knows where to store its data. If multiple questions share the same fieldname, they are all storing data in the same location. This will, in effect, link the questions. Therefore, data entered into the first question will appear in each of the other questions that share its fieldname. If you did this by accident, to fix the problem go into form design and click on the question whose response is being duplicated. Select Question | modify properties from the menu. Note the name of the question that appears in the Question name box. Next go to each of your questions that were ‘pre-filled’ and change their names. To do this: Click on the question, select Question | modify properties, and change the value in the Question name box to a unique name.

Next time, to avoid this problem, write a new question for each of your questions. You probably pulled the same question repeatedly from the Question icon box instead of writing new ones. An easy way to differentiate repetitive questions is to start them with 1, 2, or Q1, Q2, in a numbering scheme of some type. Each question and response set becomes its own object, storing its own data.

Q: How large can a bitmap be on my form?

Bitmaps smaller than 32k are stored "in" the form file, so once they are placed on the page you do not need to worry about distributing the bitmaps along with the survey. If the bitmap is larger than 32k then it is not embedded into the form and must be distributed along with your survey.

Q: Why can’t I do a skip by response command on my question?

Skip by response only works on multiple choice, Weighted Rank and Check all that apply questions. If you attempt to use it one some other type, you will get a message, “This is not a response type question.”

Q: How can I change the font and color of a button?

For response sets, you can change the button font or text color by using Modify response. First click on Response | modify response, then Font. If you use Modify question, you have to click Modify question | question type | edit | font. To change button color, select Button | button style | button color -- and have some fun!

Q: What is the difference between the Single listbox, Multiple listbox, and Combobox?

You can have only one answer in a Single listbox. Multiple listbox is actually a check all that apply question, but in a listbox format that allows more than one answer to be chosen. Combobox is neither a multiple choice, nor check all that apply type question. It is really a write-in text question that allows user definable defaults, organized to look like a Listbox. You can select from the list of defaults, or type in your own response, but not both.

Q: How do I copy a question from the previous page, to the new page?

You could use the function Apply an existing question from the Question menu. This will allow you to paste the question to any page you want. But, remember, it is the exact same question with the same properties (fieldname, width, alias).

Q: I have my .frm file in my SurveyWin directory, but when I go into the program and I look under the Project box I do not see my file.

Have you created a project file for your form? If you have not, select Project | new from the main menu and name the project the same name as your .frm file. Your should now see your filename in the Project box.

If when you open your newly created project you still do not see your form, you may be working in the wrong directory. Select Project | change directory from the main menu and verify that you are working in the correct directory. If you are in the wrong directory, change directories and your .frm file will now be accessible.

Q: How do I align multiple questions on a page?

Select the master question ( handles show up around the question), then point and click the mouse and drag the dotted lined box around all questions for which you would like alignment. Select Align and choose the alignment functions.

Q: When I am doing a calculation, some questions did not show up in the Question box.

Not all questions can be calculated. Only those questions that are write-in number type can be used in a calculation. Once you create the question, you have to save the entire form. This will modify the page, and the new question will show up in the calculation (if it is a write in number).

Q: How do I refer to an answer to a question in my form?

You can use the Raosoft question scripting feature to refer back to an answered question in your question text. To use this, use the question name surrounded by curly braces {} directly in the text:

Your name is {NAME}, correct?