SurveyWin 4.2 Applications

Computer-aided interviewing:

One of the most useful applications of SurveyWin is the ability to make computer forms for use in interviewing. When you deal with hundreds of clients all in a row, you shouldn't have go through each interview, painstakingly recording all of the data by hand on paper forms. With SurveyWin, you can make a computer entry form that contains all the questions you want to ask in the interview, and entry is as simple as point and click. To get started in designing your form, see Form Design.

Kiosks (Unattended data entry):

Sometimes you will want others unfamiliar with SurveyWin to be able to enter data or view results without having access to the rest of the computer. SurveyWin programs can be run in what is called Kiosk mode, which allows only SurveyWin to run in the foreground. This is useful for touchscreen type interfaces, such as major department store wedding registries are now using.


Oftentimes when testing a class of students, hiring someone for a job, giving out leases or licenses, or selecting a specific client from a list of clients, you will be giving them a test of some sort-- SurveyWin makes making tests easy with a wide variety of pre-made templates for questions, and the ability to customize to your liking. If you wish, you can use the Self Teach feature to produce immediate results-- if the user enters the wrong answer he will be corrected before moving on to the next question, or the total scores can be stored in the database for analysis later. See computer testing options for more information. You can create your form using Form Design and enter data into the form using Data Entry.

Email Forms:

With version 4.2 of UFill you can handle e-mail forms as well as disk mail-out, networked, and stand-alone runtime programs. To enable an e-mail response, fill in the "Reply via e-mail" boxes when designing the form in SurveyWin and use UFill to create your stand-alone program.

Help Desks:

With SurveyWin's special Skip and Skip by Response technology, coupled with the ability to include self-designed pop-up help text, you can design a slick button-controlled Help Desk.


Auditing is made easy with the many question types in Raosoft SURVEYWin, including multiple choice, check all that apply, write-in text questions, write-in number questions, single listboxes, multiple listboxes, comboboxes, rank order listboxes, and time and date stamps. In addition, data security options include password encryption and user access restrictions to ensure that you auditing session is secure and confidential.

IntelligentShells(TM) Form Scripting:

With IntelligentShells form scripting, forms are no longer limited to simple linear order. You can script pages to go be executed in any order, forwards, backwards, in circles, or whatever you like. IntelligentShells, flow control logic made simple, is a key concept in designing Skips and Skips by Response.