SurveyWin 4.2 Data Collection

Touch Screen Forms:

With SurveyWin and UFillWin, you can create a TouchScreen environment via our special Kiosk mode for TouchScreen monitors or systems. This run-time mode allows users to enter data, but not exit the program to potentially do harm to your system.

Fast Data Entry:

A special feature of the data entry series of products-- SurveyWin and EZSurvey. This function lets you override the page format of your form, and enter data quickly using the keypad as well as the mouse.

Automatic Phone-Dialing:

Raosoft SurveyWin and EZSurvey contain an automatic Phone Dial-out feature which allows users, with the click of a button, dial out to a respondent or customer via a modem and telephone line-- by automatically dialing a number already contained in the database. This is extremely helpful for those in the telemarketing and customer service areas, who need to deal with a large volume of customers in a short period of time. Being able to automatically dial out saves a lot of database browsing time, and gives you more time to deal with customers.

Randomize Pages and Responses:

Sometimes, you do not always want to ask questions in the same order. This is especially useful for testing purposes, so that a respondent cannot simply memorize the order in the form: the Randomize pages and Rotate responses features lets you override the regular flow of data entry to enter data in random order-- according to which particular pages and responses you choose to randomize.

Calculations and Data Validation:

Raosoft SurveyWin forms have a mechanism for performing dynamic calculations during data entry: you may take the contents of number fields and perform basic arithmetic on them, placing the results in another field, all automatically during data entry.

Of course, there needs to be some sort of error-checking mechanism in the program to prevent respondents from entering too big or too small of a number, leaving answers blank, trying to change previous answers (when you don't want them to) and filling out the entire form. This error-checking mechanism is known as data validation, and goes through great lengths to ensure that your surveys and forms are accurate and complete.

Custom Help:

Sometimes instructions for filling out a form are not always obvious, and you don't want to take up valuable page space with a big, verbose description on how to go about data entering. In other circumstances, you may wish to leave information on your form that explains help on various topics. These are both easily implemented using the idea of Custom Pop-up Help. You can create your own help text, and simply place a button on a page in a form that displays that help text when clicked.

Custom Menus:

Raosoft UFill has the capability of displaying only the menu items you select in your form design. This may be functions such as: the File menu, the ability to exit the program, the ability to save data, and so on. These are known as custom menus-- they play an important part for designing TouchScreen interfaces and Kiosks, where what a user can and cannot do is very important.