Database info

Database info allows you to check basic properties of your database, such as a list of questions, number of cases and field size, and also lets you make a new database for entry.

Database info menu

Displays information about the database file.
Question list provides a list of the question names and types that are in the database.
Creates an empty database corresponding to the current project.


File info

The following items will be displayed when File info is selected.

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Question list

Question list provides a list of the questions that are in the database. This is useful in fixing errors and in the cleanup of the database. Question list also lists the number of questions and the number of bytes per record. Each line in the question list is organized in the following manner.

Fieldname (Fieldtype Fieldwidth)

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Make new database

Make new database creates an empty database with the appropriate fields for the current project. When you select this option you will be presented with a dialog that allows you to create the database with any name in any directory on your computer.