Form Preview/Data Entry

Form Preview and Data Entry are functionally identical except that Form Preview will not save any data.

Allows you to save the data you have entered and continue.
Allows you to save the data you have entered and exit.
Cancels all changes you have made since your last save.
Saves the data you have entered and prints the survey.
Saves the data you have entered and exits the survey.
Exits the survey without saving.
  • Goto: Select Page
Allows you to select a page in the survey to go to.
  • Goto: Last Page
Allows you to jump to the last page in the survey.
  • Goto: First Page
Allows you to jump to the first page in the survey.

Data Entry

Data entry - allows you to enter data into your electronic database.

A Data entry window uses a form to add a record to a database. When a form has several pages, the pages will be shown in succession in the Data entry window. You can use the Next and Previous buttons to go back and forth through the pages of questions. The Data entry screen uses the standard Windows interface to answer questions.

Note: Be sure to pilot your form during the design process so you know what ToolFrame navigation buttons to include on the electronic pages and where to smooth the entry process.

For a question with only a single response possible and if the question is one to a page

The screen will automatically advance when the response is selected.

For check all that apply type questions

SURVEYWin cannot know when you are finished selecting choices. The entry person must select Next for the next screen.

For screens that have two or more questions on them

You will again need to tell the program that you are ready to continue. Select Next to see the next screen.

For screens with write-in text or number entry

Select your Next button when ready to continue to the next screen.

Of course, you may have designed the screens so that Previous is also available. The entry person can move backward as well as forward. Or, you may have either optional or automatic skips and branches built in. This is your choice as designer. You may change and edit the navigation buttons at any time to help speed the entry process.

At the end of the form, after clicking on SAVE (which you will have designed in for the last page), you will be asked by a dialog box if you want to Add another record. Select Yes to continue, No to end.

Save and Continue

Saves the data you have entered and keeps the form open so you can add more data.

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Save and Exit

Saves the data you have entered and exits the current form view.

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Resets the fields you have filled since your last save.

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Save and Print

Saves the data you have entered and launches a standard print dialog box which you may use to print all or some of your form.

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End Survey

Enters the completed survey into the database, and ends the survey.

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Closes the Form preview or Data entry window. Changes since your last save will be lost.