Fast Entry

Fast Entry allows you to quickly and efficiently enter data from paper forms into your electronic database. Only one of your questions appears per page in Fast Entry mode. This allows for faster data entry because users only have to focus on one question at a time. Fast Entry mode also helps to eliminate errors in entering data gathered from paper forms. With only one question appearing on a page, there is less chance of users being confused about matching up questions from their paper forms to the questions appearing on the screen.

Fast Entry Menu

This option allows you to script the order that your questions appear in fast entry mode.
Preview allows you to preview the way your questions will appear in Fast Entry mode.
Data Entry allows you to enter data into your electronic database.

Question Order

To script your question order for Fast Entry:

  1. Select Fast Entry | Question order from the main menu box.
  2. All of the questions in your form appear in the All questions box located on the left side of the Rearrange questions for Fast Entry window.
  3. To add a question to the Questions used box, select it in the All questions area and click on the right arrow to move it. A question may also be inserted between two previously placed questions. Select the question in the All questions area, then move to the Questions used box and select the question that you want the new question to appear above. Click on insert and your new question will be inserted into the Questions used area.

    Note1: In Fast Entry mode, the questions will appear in the order that they are arranged in the Questions used box, not in the order that you arranged them in your original form. Therefore, it is important to consider how you arrange your questions in the Questions used box. A question placed out of order can cost time and accuracy when it comes to data entry.

  4. To remove a question from the Questions used box, select the question and click on the left arrow.
  5. When you are finished, select OK.

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Form preview allows you to preview the way your questions will appear in Fast entry mode. Changes are not saved in preview mode.

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Data Entry

Data entry - allows you to enter data into your electronic database in a Fast entry mode.

The Data entry window presents the questions you have selected in Question order one at a time. For a multiple choice question, the screen will automatically advance when the response is selected. For othe question types SURVEYWin cannot know when you are finished selecting choices or entering data. The entry person must select the next arrow for the next screen. The entry person can move backward as well as forward using the Previous and Next fast entry arrows .

At the end of Fast entry you will be asked by a dialog box if you want to Add another record. Select Yes to continue, No to end.