Edit Data

Shows you your data in a spreadsheet format.
Shows you your data in your electronic form.

Spreadsheet View

In Edit data | Spreadsheet view you can see the data in your database in a spreadsheet format. In Edit Data you have the following options:

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Form Based

  • File
Allows you to exit, save, continue and print your survey.
  • Previous Record
Goes to the previous record in the database.
  • Next Record
Goes to the next record in the database
Goes to a specific record in the database or a specific page in the survey
Allows you to create a query to limit the number of viewable cases.
Allows you to resize the screen if the objects are too small or too large.

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Goto Menu

Select Record

The Select Record menu option allows the user to quickly navigate through the database of records. To use this command, select Goto | Select record. To select a record to go to, first click the New button. Choose the question numbers which you wish to use as a basis for choosing a record to go to. You must move at least one question from the left box to the right box with the arrow button in order for Select Record to work properly. Click okay when through selecting. From the "Select Record to go to" window, select the record number you wish to jump to and click OK.

Record Number

If you already know the number of the record to jump to, the record to go to, the Record Number option in the Goto menu is a very efficient navigation tool. Simply select the Record number command then enter the number of the record you wish to go to.

Select Page

The Select Page command is useful for jumping to a particular page. Simply click the Select Page option in the Goto menu and then click on the name of the page you wish to jump to.

First Page

The First page command takes the user to the first page of the particular data set being viewed. To use, simply click First page from the Goto menu.

Last Page

The Last page command takes the user to the last page of the particular data set being viewed. To use, simply click Last page from the Goto menu.

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  1. To begin your query, select Query | New.
  2. Select which Function you want to use ('if' for your first query). Next click on the Question that you are interested in querying.
  3. Set the correct Operator to determine what kind of query that you want to run.
  4. Once you have composed your query, select the button and it will appear in the Current query box. Click OK and your query will be ready. You will be presented with only the cases (records) that match your query.

Note: If you are analyzing a text question, enter the specific text the you are looking for in the Comparison box. If you are analyzing a multiple choice question, select the response that you are looking for in the Comparison box.


You may edit your current query by selecting Query | Edit.


If you want to return to your complete database, select Query | Clear and all of the record in your database will now be accessible.


This displays the name of the current query.


To use your query in the future, save it using the Query | Save option. Next time, you can recover your saved query by selecting Query | Load.


Use a query that you have saved in the past.

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Zoom Screen

In Edit data mode, if not all of the form questions and buttons fit on the page, or if the questions and buttons are too small, then the apparent size of the survey can be easily adjusted using Zoom Screen. This option can be especially useful for designing forms when you are unsure of the resolution of the user's monitor.

Simply select Zoom Screen and choose between Tiny, Small, Medium, Normal, or Large sizes.