Statistics - Multiple Regression

Multiple regression measures the error involved in using the regression line as a basis of estimation. The regression line is created from the variables you choose (both dependent and independent) and describes the average relationship existing between the variables within a specified confidence level. You will choose one dependent variable and at least one independent variable to run the regression test.

To perform Multiple Regression:

  1. Select Statistics Multiple Regression or use the keyboard combination Ctrl+Shift+R. The Regression analysis dialog box will appear.
  2. In the listbox labeled Select questions, select the question to use as the dependent variable in the plot and move it into the Dependent Variable window by using the right arrow button. Again from the All Questions listbox, choose your independent variables and move them into the Independent Variables window using the right arrow button.
  3. You can change the order of your independent variables by using the Up and Down buttons.
  4. Click Finish. The mouse pointer will now be a cross-hair. Locate the cross-hair where you would like the plot to appear and press the left-mouse button.