Install - Network Client


For EZReport to be used by more than one person, you must purchase as many EZReport licenses as there will be people using it. A network license allows the EZReport network installer to be run on multiple machines.

Important: If you have purchased a network license you must also download the network client installer from our download page at If you have not received a download passsword, please contact us at 206-525-4025 or email at

Full Install

One computer on the network must have the full installation of EZReport. This will act as the application server.

Network Client Install

Download the EZReport Network Client Setup from the website at Run the Network Client installer on each network client machine that will be authoring EZReport forms. Note: EZReport does not need to be installed on the survey respondent's computers.

An alternative method of creating a Network Client connection is to create a link from the desktop of the network client machine to the EZReport.exe program on the application server.

Install Instructions

  1. Download the Network Client installer from the website.
  2. Run the Network Client installer.
  3. On the Select Install Directory screen, browse to the directory where EZReport is installed on the network. This can either be a UNC file path (//servername/EZReport) or a mapped network drive (Z:\\EZReport).
  4. Continue pressing Next until the client is installed.
  5. When you are have finished, you will see a Desktop icon linking you to the networked EZReport.


To uninstall, simply delete the desktop shortcut from the client machine. Do not delete any of the files on the network server because there may be other client machines still connected to the network server.

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