Welcome - Getting Started

EZReport, Version 2007 is a user-friendly and flexible statistical report writer and was developed to give non-experts as well as experts the ability to produce custom reports, and to give speed to advanced users. The menu system allows fast, intuitive reporting, e.g., analyses for novices and additional statistical support to experts. Using its point-&-click object-oriented method, end users do not require training. They may employ basic analysis or the more advanced statistics that are also available.

EZReport is unique in that it provides presentation quality reports as well as fast statistical analyses. Reports may be given almost immediately to higher management.

Reports may be saved as templates for future re-use with different data, printed, exported, or be saved in Adobe PDF format for web site posting and distribution. A report template and the power of command-line interface and scripting supports batch report production and multiple query support for automatic bulk printing.

There is no program limit to database size. It provides powerful extra reporting and analysis for owners of Raosoft EZSurvey, InterForm, and SURVEYWin or for anyone who works with DBF, ASCII or ODBC databases. Improved XML report files assist integration of EZReport with other applications. Copying/pasting of multiple objects to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint is supported.

All commands are menu-driven, and all program functionality uses WYSIWG (What You See Is What You Get) functionality so no programming experience is necessary. Primary menu features for analysis, statistics and data-specific analysis is included.

The Analysis menu contains all the tools necessary for creating custom tables, bar plots, pie charts, histograms, and crosstabulations. You may place multiple views of the same or different question results on the same page. You have full design control of the pages.Additionally, you may place comments on the same page with charts.