Analysis - Custom Weighted Plot

Custom weighted plots allow you to report on an aggregated response set. You can report figures such as the standard deviation, standard error, and the percentage of agreement.

To place weighted score data on the report page:

  1. Choose a question from the Select Question listbox.
  2. The report figures available to your question or group appear in the Select Values listbox. Individual figures are displayed by clicking on a listbox item in the Select Values listbox and clicking the right-arrow button. All figures that will display on the plot appear in the Display Order listbox.
  3. Decide on which responses are considered positive feedback. For example, if your question is:
    How do you rate our services? Where Excellent = 5, Good = 4, Average = 3, Below Average = 2, Poor = 1 and Don't Know = X.
    If you place "4 + 5" in the %Agree text box (found in the Bar plot display value box) then all respondents that choose a 4 or 5 will be defined as meeting the basline for being a positive response.
  4. Choose additional formatting options for your data presentation:
  5. Click on the Finish button and your mouse will become a crosshair, allowing you to place your data anywhere on the report page.