Analysis - Custom Calculation

Custom calculation provides the ability to design computations you may need that extend beyond the most common reporting figures. You can either calculate static numbers (such as 3+4=7), or you can find the ratio between two weighted-score questions. In order to get information from your response question, you must first choose the question you want and the type of data you want to take from that question. You have the following options available to you:

Select questions:

This option allows you to select the question(s) to make calculations on.


If you want to use the data from a question in a specific calculation, just follow the instructions above to Add the field to the Calculation window, then add any additional mathematical symbols or numbers you need to accomplish the calculation you want. If you click on any of the keypad buttons on the right of the Calculate tab the number or symbol will be placed automatically into the Calculation window.

Note: You may also type directly into the calculation window. If you know exactly what you want, this is the quickest method for setting up a calculation.

On the Calculate window you have a few choices for your comment formatting:


- The number of decimals to appear when calculating.

Select query

- Allows you to choose a query you created and apply it to filter the calculations you create.

Highlight text color

- Allows you to define a value at which the text color will change for your calculated values. In addition, you may apply bold, italic or underline to the values.

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