Analysis - Crosstab

A crosstab is a way of showing the results of two or more questions together. You can use a crosstab report to look for relationships within your sample.

To create a crosstab plot:

  1. Select Analysis Crosstab or use the keyboard combination Ctrl+Shift+X. The Cross tabulations dialog box will appear.
  2. In the listbox labeled All Questions, select the row and column question to use in the plot and use the right arrow button to move them to their respective row and column windows.
  3. Click Finish to finalize the settings.
  4. The crosstab will appear at the top of the current page. You can change the question used for the rows of the crosstab by clicking on any of the questions in the Select Questions window. If the Select Questions window is not open click Question List on the View. Once you have selected a different question for the rows of the crosstab you will see the crosstab refresh with the new question.
    Please note: If you change the row question to another question with the same responses, there is a chance the values may be the same. When this happens it may appear that the crosstab is not functioning properly when in fact it is.