Statistics - Chi Squared

The Chi-square test is used to test whether two multiple choice type fields are related.

When you select Statistics Chi-Square and you cross tabulate two multiple choice type fields, the Chi-square value will be printed at the bottom of the table.

If any of the cells in the table have less than 5 cases, the Chi-square test is not valid.

This test computes numbers expected in each cell if the two fields are independent of each other. The difference between what is expected and what is actually observed forms a basis for the test.

To create a Chi-Square plot:

  1. Select Statistics Chi-Square. The Chi-Square analysis dialog box will appear.
  2. In the listbox labeled Select Row question, select the row question to use in the plot; in the listbox labeled Select Column question select the column question to use in the plot.
  3. Click Finish to create and place the plot on the page.