Edit - Align

Selecting and Aligning objects

Left clicking on any visual element of the report places square handles around the selected element. When performing alignment, this object is known as the Master. All alignment is applied to other visual elements, like a plot object or text object, relative to the master.

Selecting objects:

  1. Hold down the left mouse button and drag a box around all appropriate objects.
  2. To select (or de-select) one or more objects to align, hold down the Shift key, or Ctrl key while left-clicking on an object.
  3. When all objects are selected, left-click on the "Master" object, that all others will be aligned with.
  4. Selection handles will appear on the Master object.
  5. "Children" of the master object, such as the response texts, will move with the master object.

To align objects:

  1. Select desired objects (as explained above).
  2. Choose Edit Align, use the keyboard combination Ctrl+A, or use the right-click menu to bring up the Align Objects dialog box.
  3. Choose the appropriate alignment option from the Align objects box as described below
  4. The "Children" objects will align to the "Master" object according to the alignment option you choose

The Align Objects Box:

The Align feature contains many options which will describe a physical relationship between the objects on your form. The options include: