Data - Add Text

Printing a report of individual cases in a database

The Data Menu functions are designed to print a report for each of the individual cases in a database. Examples of use include employee evaluation forms, test results for individual students, and registration forms.

For example, the typical employee evaluation form contains the name of the Manager and Employee with questions on which the manager rates the employee. To view or print out a report on each employee select Data Add text to display the Data from database window.

To setup individual responses

  1. Select Data Add Text or use the keyboard combination Shift+T.
  2. Select a question whose answer you want in the report from the Add question name in { } listbox. To sort these questions alphabetically, check the Sort checkbox below.
  3. In the Enter text box, type in the text you want to precede that answer.
  4. Click on the <{ } button to send the question value to the Enter text box.
  5. If you click on the < Text button, the text of the question will also be displayed.
  6. Continue this process until you have selected all of the questions you want in the report.
  7. Click Finish when done.