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EZSurvey 2007 for the Internet: New Features

EZSurvey 2007 for the Internet extends the flexibility and functionality of EZSurvey yet still further! This new version emphasizes faster form creation, more automation so that more can be done faster and more easily, and greater functionality as guided by our customers. Reporting power is emphasized so that more choice is available for on-line reporting. EZSurvey 2007 continues to lead the market as the most powerful and easiest end-user survey-type program available today.

New and improved capacity in EZSurvey 2007 will allow you to edit and format forms more easily; the collection process has been made simpler with more automated publishing options; you may have more extensive oversight of the survey process if wanted; database export to ODBC databases is improved; on-line reporting provides more power and flexibility; and EZSurvey continues with its emphasis on security protections.

The EZSurvey Personal Server continues to provide new advantages for design checking, and for data collection as well, such as for laptop and other mobile use. ODBC support is extended in the Pro version, and Unicode support further enhanced for other alphabets. The new EZSurvey Enterprise Stand Alone Mail Server is refined to make participant notification and email survey tasks simpler. The same low price is maintained while adding all of these improvements !

Some of the exciting new enhancements and options are listed below.

New and improved Form Design aids:

Improved User Interface:

Powerful improved Data Collection:

Powerful new and improved Reporting features:

Improved and Extended Security features:

New and extended Database and Database Management features:

Powerful improved support for distinct applications: