Publish - Save to ASCII

When you select the Save in ASCII on the server publishing option on the Web form setup window all of the data from the survey gets put into a .asc file on the web server. The file will be named project-name.asc (where project name is the unique name of the project).

All submitted data is appened to the .asc file. It is in tab-delimited format. All records with a pound sign # at the beginning of the row can be ignored.


To import the data into the EZSurvey desktop program's database follow these steps:

  1. Download the .asc file from the web server to your desktop.
  2. Select UtilitiesImport web data. You will be asked for a data file. Select the project-name.asc data file that you saved on your desktop.
  3. You will see a progress bar which shows how many records are being imported.
  4. To view your imported data, select DatabaseView database

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