Analysis Menu - Ranking Questions

Use this command to print a table showing the answers to rank-order questions. The columns are the same as for the Statistics window, with the addition of the Range column. The Range column shows how broadly a given item was ranked, with 1 being the highest rank. Each response is sorted according to its popularity and relative importance.


  1. Have the survey file opened (see how to open EZSurvey project).
  2. Make sure the path to the database that stores the survey data is valid.
  3. Select Database View database to see if the records in the database are available or not. If the records are available, you can continue. If they are not, you may need to stop here and check to see if the survey data has been collected correctly or not (see the topics below for more information).
  4. Select Analysis Ranking question. If you have Rank order questions in your form, the Rank order window opens.
  5. Use File Save to save the data as a tab delimited ASCII (text) file.

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