Publish - Publish a Web Form

Publishing web forms starts after you create a form to publish. For demonstration purposes, you can use one of the demo forms that comes with EZSurvey.

Before you can publish a form, you will need internet access and a web server.

Internet Access:

There are three levels of internet access.
  1. Local network access only - This is where you can transfer files to and from other computers on the local area network (LAN) but you cannot access outside web sites like
  2. Web access only - This is when you can access web sites like but there are no other computers on your network.
  3. Local internet access and web access - This is when you can access other computes on your local area network and you can view web sites. In this case, you are connected to the internet via a gateway, proxy, or router. Your internal IP address is different from the IP address you use to access the internet.

Web Server:

If you don't already have a web server such as Microsoft IIS (which comes with XP Pro, 2000 Pro, 2003 Server, 2000 Server, NT server), you can turn your computer into a web server by installing Apache. A Web Hosting Provider can provide this for you.

EZSurvey comes with a built in web server that allows you to publish forms to your computer without the need for a web server like IIS or Apache.

Once you have selected web server, you can set the proper publishing options in EZSurvey. Go to Publish Create a web form and set your options.

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