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EZSurvey Pro has the capability to create and publish surveys with Palm handheld devices.

Note: a separate license will be required for each Palm you wish to collect data on.

A conduit program, made by Raosoft, Inc. will connect to the Palm handheld device during the time of HotSync and obtain the Palm data file.


EZSurvey for the Palm will generate forms compatible with any handheld device running the PalmOS. The data collected on the handheld will can be appended to the main EZSurvey database, or exported to another location after collection. The HotSync conduit for retrieving data from handhelds is sold separately.

EZSurvey for the Palm (EZSurvey, Pro, and the demo) gives you the ability to preview Palm forms as you edit them, without the need to download to a Palm to see changes.

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How to publish::


  1. Run the EZSurvey Palm HotSync Setup.
  2. When you are asked to Select Destination Directory, make sure you install EZSurvey Palm HotSync in the root directory of your Palm Desktop Manager. Continue through the setup.
  3. When you get to the end, let the setup launch the conduit program. You will be prompted with this message. Press Yes. At this time, the EZSurvey Palm HotSync is setup on your computer.
  4. Open your current EZSurvey project. You can select Publish Preview Palm form to view what your form will look like.
  5. You can view a single question by selecting Open Palm preview window from the Publish menu. Then, select the question you want to view.
  6. Select Publish Create Palm form. The Save file window will open. Browse to the directory you are working in and type in a file name.
  7. The Palm conduit setup window will open. Select the option Save to an ASCII file and press OK.
  8. A window will open with instructions. It tells us to install the two .PDB files and ezsurvey.prc onto the Palm handheld. Also, the .XML and .ASC files need to be placed in the Palm Desktop root directory.
  9. Place your .ASC and .XML files into the Palm Desktop root directory like the instructions said.
  10. In Palm Desktop (the program that comes with Palm), open the install tool. Press Add.
  11. In the install tool, select Add to install another file. Select the PRC file and select Open. Select Done in the install tool
  12. Perform a HotSync with your Palm handheld to install the program onto the Palm
  13. Once you have collected data on the Palm handheld, perform a HotSync to download the data file from your Palm to you computer.
  14. Open the .ASC file that is in your Palm Desktop root directory You can see that the data from the survey is in the file.
  15. Open your project file in EZSurvey. Select Utilities Import web data. Browse to the Palm Desktop root directory and select the .ASC file from your project.
  16. Select Database View database to view your records.

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