Publish - ODBC in MS Windows

EZSurvey can collect data in real time onto an ODBC database. This feature can be used separately from, or in combination with, ODBC as the primary EZSurvey database. Pro version only


  1. First connect to an ODBC as your primary EZSurvey database type.
  2. Select Publish Create a web form. If the Web form setup window opens, select the button Configure sites If the Web site configuration window opens, select a Site profile and select Windows server using CGI and select close.
  3. In the Web form setup window, select the option Save to a database with ODBC. Then, select the Setup button.
  4. The Advanced web form options window under ODBC are as follows:

Note: The ODBC database needs to be setup on a System DSN data source type.


DSN Service Name

The ODBC DSN Service Name must be registered on the web server. Enter the service name, it might be named something link: ezsurvey or websurvey.

DSN-Less Service Name

The ODBC driver must be installed on the web server. The service name string would look something like this: DRIVER={MySQL};SERVER=localhost;DATABASE=test;UID=test;PWD=test;

File DSN

You must create the .dsn file and then the service name string would look something like this: FileDSN=[MyFileDSN.dsn]

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