Publish - ODBC in UNIX

To publish EZSurvey to a UNIX web server with an ODBC database, a DSN manager is required and an ODBC compatible database. Two DSN managers are unixODBC and iODBC. unixODBC is an open source ODBC manager that has a command line tool called isql that can be used to manually modify data on the server. A DSN entry will need to be created on the Web Server to connect the CGI to the Database or you can use a DSN-Less connection. The DSN-Less connection is preferred because it doesn't require special user configurations.


  1. Pubish a web form and select the option Save to a database with ODBC on the Web form setup window.
  2. Select the Setup button next to the ODBC option.
  3. The Advanced web form options window under ODBC are as follows:
  4. These entries will be made in the projectname.ini file: Note: You can trace SQL statements by putting a question mark (?) before the ODBCSERVICE name. The log will be in the file logerr.txt:
  5. Finish publishing the web form.
  6. Once the web form is published, an instruction window will open. The instruction window will have an ODBC Database section on it. Follow the instructions.
  7. You must compile the web CGI with the ODBC option turned on. Run the setup and also run the script makeodbc to create the ezs.cgi with ODBC.
  8. Continue to follow the publishing instructions to find the link to the start page of the survey.

Setup the Driver

DSN-Less ODBC Connection to MySQL

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