Under the Hood - Network Security

If you are using EZSurvey to collect sensitive information such as employee surveys or sales information, you should consider the risks with sending data through an email system. Web forms are safer.

Email Security:

Corporate networks may or may not allow other people to read your mail. If you are communicating with other people at the same location with a system such as cc:Mail, Lotus Notes, or MS Mail, then the security built into those programs might keep your mail messages confidential.

If your corporate network includes several locations, security depends on how those locations communicate. If they use dial-up or direct-link mail routers, your mail is safe. If they communicate through the Internet, your mail messages may not be secure.

Web Security

We recommend using Apache web server or Microsoft IIS.

There have been security problem with Microsoft's FrontPage Personal Web Server: The web server saves its data files in a publicly accessible directory. That is, if your form is:

Anyone can read its data file by fetching the file