Scripting - JSDB

JavaScrip Database (JSDB) is a very powerful tool, which utilizes some of the newest technology on the market. It has a built in XML interpreter and executes JavaScript scripting files. It is used to create the help files for EZSurvey. In addition, it can also be used to create other documents. In the directory where EZSurvey is installed, there is a subdirectory rsrc. This contains webreport.js, which is a JavaScript file created by Raosoft. When JSDB is used to interpret this file, it creates webreport.ini, which is used by the WebReport program. Other custom scripts can be written by you, if you wish to expand on this functionality.

Complete documentation on the classes in JSDB can be found in the jsdb subdirectory under the EZSurvey help directory.

To learn more about XML, go here: The Official XML page (Note that Raosoft takes no responsibility for the content of that page or any other which is not maintained by us.)

To learn more about JSDB, go here:
JSDB Home Page
JSDB extensions to JavaScript: ezsbar.html (off site link)

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