Publish - ISAPI CGI

Select the ISAPI option on the Web Site Configuration dialog window. Continue the setup and EZSurvey will generate an instruction page.


  1. If IIS is installed on the same machine that you authored the survey on, EZSurvey will already know the path to the script directory. Make sure the publishing file are in the scripts directory.

  2. If the server is on a different machine, you need to FTP all the files to it. You also need to edit the file ending with a .reg extension so that the 3rd line reads: "FormName"="c:\\inetpub\\scripts\\". After making the appropriate changes, you need to import the file using the "Registry Editor". ISAPI scripts are limited to receiving 32K-64K of data from the web browser. As a result, these scripts should only be used on small forms, else some data may be truncated.

Requirements Using Windows ISAPI:

  1. You must be able to set a registry entry on the server.
  2. Be able to run a .DLL.
  3. Be able to move files to the web server either via FTP or on the network.
  4. Set permissions on the files (read, write and execute).

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