File Menu - Import Question Library

This function allows you to import a list of questions from a default question library or a question library that you have created. This is the primary method for importing questions from one survey to another.

Question libraries are EZSurvey forms that have been saved with .EZL extensions. To have your libraries load automatically, place them in your EZSurvey home directory.

  1. Have the survey file opened (see how to open EZSurvey project).
  2. Select Import question library. The Import library window opens.
  3. Select the question library you want to open.
  4. Select the Open button.

You will see the question library available under Question libraries drop-down box in the Edit form window.

To import a specific question, select the question from the drop-down box that is beneath the Question libraries drop-down box. Then, click the "<--" button to import the question.

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