E-Mail - Import Unprocessed Email Files

Open a project and select Publish Download email data now to download any new messages. If no messages were imported, follow the steps below:
  1. The readmail.log window should be active. If it is not, display it by selecting Utilities View the log file.

  2. When an incoming email is fetched, an ASCII copy of each message is created and stored on disk in a separate file. The location of these copies is recorded in the ezsurvey.log. The form typically looks like:

    Copying response from INBOX to W:\ezsurv\1.TXT

    Each filename is a number followed by a .TXT extension. The most recent file will have the highest number. Look through the filenames to find which one may belong to the unprocessed email. It may also help to use a Windows Explorer directory listing showing the dates and times that files were accessed.

  3. After you have located which file(s) to recover, select Utilities Import email message files. Select the file(s) in the open dialogue box and press OK. A small window will appear and remain active during the import process.

  4. The files will now be added to the database. You may check them by selecting Database View database from the Edit form window menu.

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